ARCHAEOLOGY WORLD, the “All in One Magazine” brings readers close to the human past with stories from every corner of the world. We engage and entertain our readers with lively storytelling, surprising narratives, and stunning images.

Our general interest magazine includes news of the latest archaeological discoveries, in-depth features, photo essays, and reports from the field. We explore ancient cultures not only through monuments and works of art, but through the towns, houses, and objects of daily life that bring people of the past to life.

  • Features: Each issue includes several major features, covering the whole world.
  • News: Each issue includes the latest archaeological news and discoveries from around the globe.
  • Reviews: Each issue review the latest archaeological books.
  • Object Lesson: Each issue highlights a beautiful, unique, and often quirky ancient object and the story of its discovery.


Established in 2018, ArchaeologyWorld generates about 1.5 million page views on average per year and is growing steadily.

ArchaeologyWorld has seen an asset growth over the past quarter to create a monthly page impression rate of up to 4.14 million.

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