History buffs on 2,000-year-old Roman road discovery near Evesham

History buffs on 2,000-year-old Roman road discovery near Evesham

History buffs on 2,000-year-old Roman road discovery near Evesham

The possible Roman ford was found near Evesham.

History buffs have shared their thoughts on a possible Roman road found near Evesham. Severn Trent workmen came across what some believe to be a nearly 2,000-year-old ford when completing sewerage works several weeks ago.

Aidan Smyth, the archaeology advisor for Wychavon District Council, thinks it could have global significance and now history fans from around Worcestershire have weighed in on the discovery.

Paul Harding, who runs Discovery History with his wife Helen, thinks it could put Evesham ‘on the map’.

He said: “The recent find of a possible Roman Ford in Worcestershire is really exciting.

“A surviving Roman Ford is extremely rare in what was once the Roman Empire.

“It looks like a well-made Roman road surface and may have taken over from an earlier trackway or route that the Britons were using before the Romans.

“We had simple roads before the Romans, and these sometimes followed traditional routes.

“This will put the area on the archaeological map and allow for further study in this kind of structure.”

Severn Trent workmen made the discovery whilst completing sewerage works.

Richard Ball, trustee at Vale of Evesham Historic Society, is equally enthused about the discovery.

He said: “There are some traces of Roman times in the Vale but in general these are few and far between, and this is by far the most important that has been found for a long time.

“I am hopeful that Aidan Smyth and his archaeology team will have an opportunity to examine it thoroughly and expect that the VEHS will wish to keep on close touch with developments and help in any way appropriate.”

Meanwhile, metal detectorist Stephen Grey is no stranger to uncovering the area’s history, having dug up a ‘Viking’ axe just a few weeks ago himself.

He said: “It could well be Roman as there’s been plenty of Roman items found by archaeologists and metal detectorists in the area.

“I myself have found a first-century silver roman coin albeit closer to Pershore but that does prove the Romans were in the general area at that time.

“I’ve also found a second-century Roman brooch much nearer to the site.

“If it proves to be a first-century Roman road leading into a ford, I think that’s very exciting.

“I know the experts are hoping it is and if true they seem to think it’s fairly unique in this country.”